Mobile security is a big worry for the majority of phone users

Posted by on Nov 7, 2011 in Technology PR & Marketing | No Comments

mobile-entertainment83 per cent would change their network if their device’s privacy was at risk. Mobile security provider AdaptiveMobile surveyed consumers globally to discover the results. It also claims three-quarters of consumers would pay premium for privacy-protected apps, which is a wake up call for developers looking to monetise their apps.

59 per cent feel like they don’t have control of their phone’s security, which makes them hesitant about introducing new apps and software to their device. Meanwhile, one in six consumers refuse to download apps for fear that privacy could be compromised.

Ciaran Bradley, VP, Handset Security, said: “Many operators do provide guidelines about security, but it is clear that consumers can still feel uncertain. This research highlights opportunities for operators to both increase revenue and lower churn, achieving the twin – and often irreconcilable – goals for MNOs and MVNOs.

“Consumers today are smart but need reassurance from their operators. If users browsing apps from the App Store, or Google Play do not feel that their security is in safe hands, they will either refuse to download applications, or vote with their feet and find another operator.

“However, users who feel safe in their choice of operator will not only stay with that provider, but may also pay extra for security services, which is a highly desirable outcome for all concerned.”